Auryn (Ouroboros)

from by Beings of The Sixth




What if this never ends?
Sleepless nights, somber silhouettes
Dancing in the dark.
A distorted recollection acted through vague memory,

My mind is exhausted from the journey,
A pair of legs refuse to move.
And if I can't push through anymore
What do I really have to lose?

Pre chorus

Cause I've been far too long
Feeling my way through the darkness.
Too many questions remain unanswered,
Spinning tangled webs through my head.


Tell me why should I carry on, (Tell me why)
Looking down - at the edge. (Looking down)
I'm so broken I can't feel my hands, (I'm so broken)
Does it get better? (Does It get better)
Everything tells me it won't.

Verse 2

I'm on the other side of everything I need,
Separated by these flames these waters seem to bleed.
Calling out my name from "silent" depths within,
Beckoning my presence, it always ends where it begins.


FUCK! I can't do this anymore.
Been holding on too long.
Convincing myself the nonexistence
Of visions burning strong.

Chorus (As Above)

Chorus Extension

Tell me I'm worth more than words could say,
'Cause I'd give anything to feel that way.
I'll walk you straight through this, hand-in-hand.
Why do I feel that you'll never understand.


How distorted could this be, lucid visions,
combined with vague memories. I could never do this again,
I still wonder how I got this far.


from Rapture (EP), released June 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Beings of The Sixth Oshawa, Ontario

Vocals: Travis Godin

Rhythm Guitar and Vocals: Chris Riches

Lead Guitar: Damian Gates

Drums: Mitchell Clark

Bass: Jonathon Zagrodnik

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